4 reasons why you should not dye your gray hair

Many of us resort to color to cover gray hair. Why you should not do this, read here

It happens to all of us: at some point our hair turns gray. For some, it happens only at an advanced age, for others, the first gray hair comes at an early age. Why you should not over-dye your gray hair, read here.

Gray hair is trendy

You should not dye your gray hair because it will miss the current trend.More and more women are discovering the beauty of their gray hair. On Pinterest, the searches for “gray hair” in recent months have increased by a whopping 879 percent! And stars such as actress Jessica Biel live up to the fact that gray hair, even in women who have not yet reached 40, are quite socially acceptable. Whether gentle highlights or correct approach: Gray hair can look so beautiful.

Dyeing breaks your hair

Yes, your hair will have a youthful look again if you brush the gray hair with color. But they are not healthier, even if you rely on organic paint & Co. The best thing for the hair is still to leave it as natural as it is.

Chemistry harms health in general

The chemicals in the hair color and hair tints not only attack the hair. The remedies can cause allergies, skin damage on the skin, and even lead to more serious illnesses. The ingredient resorcinol, for example, is suspected of causing cancer.

It costs time and money

Think about how much time and money you have already invested in dyeing your hair. Right: way too much. You can make better use of this time.

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