5 Cool Styles For Long Hair

You have not invested much time in hairstyles so far? That will change now. We show you five cool styling ideas for long hair

Long open hair is beautiful, but in the long term, it can also get boring. So that does not happen, you should try these five hairstyles. They provide the necessary variety and bring new momentum in the hair.

High ponytail

Frees the face and looks great: the high ponytail. You can easily imitate it by raising your normal ponytail slightly higher. A great side effect is that the hair is voluminous through the hairstyle.unnamed-file-23

Beach Waves perfectly complement our look this year with their lightness and naturalness. The delicate waves in the hair flatter any face shape and make us look feminine. In addition, the styling is ideal for you, if you do not want to deal too much with perfect curls.


Restored hair

This styling is simple yet adds a true wow effect. All you need for this are hair clips and some hairspray to fix the look. Especially beautiful looks the put back hairstyle, when the long hair is smooth and fall straight down.the-5-best-hairsprays


Hair bows are a nice accessory for the hair. They provide an elegant and playful look at the same time. They are available in very different colors and they can be integrated into most hairstyles.side-part-hair-pins-classic-beauty-hairpin-hairstyle-sidepart

You do not know what to do with your long hair? Then try a braid. Braided hair is also announced this year and can be worn on different occasions.10-cute-braided-hairstyle-ideas-stylish-long-hairstyles-2019-1







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