Beware of these 6 dry shampoo errors!

Sometimes there just is not time to wash your hair in the morning. The handle to dry shampoo is a great alternative, but beware of these mistakes

Daily hair washing is anything but healthy. But there are great alternatives when your hair does not look fresh anymore. In addition to beautiful hairstyles , you can also grab the popular dry shampoo. It gives our hair a great volume. But beware, the sophisticated spray also has some bugs that happen faster than you might have thought:

1. You spray too close to the scalp

Unfortunately, if you put the dry shampoo too close to your scalp for spraying, the result will be anything but good. A light and chalky layer will then settle on your hair and this is difficult to get away. The spray should therefore be applied approximately 30 cm from the hairline.does-heat-protectant-really-save-your-hair

2. You use too much dry shampoo

Spraying a few times is usually enough to achieve a good result. However, if you use too much product, your hair will quickly look dull and dehydrated. Start with a little less dry shampoo, and if you find out afterwards that it was too little, you can still use more.unnamed-file-33

3. You spray the dry shampoo in the wrong place

A dry shampoo should only be used partially. Do not spray the spray into your complete hair. The dry shampoo should only at the hairline and greasy areas, eg. B. over the ears

4. Immediately massage the dry shampoo

The dry shampoo should not be massaged directly after spraying! It takes a few minutes to unfold its effect. Then it’s best to head over the bath and massage the shampoo only lightly! Afterwards the hair is completely combed through to remove the remains.ayurvedic-hot-oil-treatment-for-healthy-hair-ayurveda-india

5. They use the wrong color

For dark hair, it is important to resort to dark dry shampoo. There is the right spray for every hair color, and with good reason! A light dry shampoo with dark hair leaves unsightly, white residue. While a dark product leaves a dark residue on light hair. But now many different brands offer their dry shampoos in different

6. You use dry shampoo every day

The use of dry shampoo is a great alternative if the time for hair washing is not enough. Use it at most once a week. If you use the spray more often or even resort to the dry shampoo every day, the spill residue can clog the glands on the scalp!the-light-and-dark-dry-shampoo-with-a-waiting-list-marie-claire








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