Chocolate Lilac Hair is the Hair Color Trend 2019

Trendy and wearable: The hair color Chocolate Lilac is becoming more and more popular and is not only stylish, but also suitable for everyday use

A new hair color trend is taking social media by storm: Chocolate Lilac Hair! The basis is a rich, dark chocolate brown, which is permeated by purple accents. Depending on your mood, you can create an expressive look by means of strong, purple strands or opt for light, pastel purple shades to underline its feminine, playful side.

The gentle balayage technique makes the result particularly natural. The purple accents are applied freely with a brush, so that they leak out gently from the beginning to the tips.

The right care

To get the color result as long as possible, it is best not to wash the hair after dyeing daily, but to use a special colored hair shampoo as needed . It not only provides damaged hair with the necessary nutrients, but it can also protect it against environmental influences such as UV rays, which lead to color fading.

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