Hairstyle Lovers Beware: 7 New Shoots For the Bun

The Dutt convinces this year with many new variants and we can not wait to try them out! See our favorites here

Dutt is not the same as Dutt: in addition to the casual Messy-Bun, who is tied up messily in a hurry, there are many more variants for the simple hairstyle. With a few simple tricks you can get the most out of the otherwise simple bun. We show you our favorite

1. Braiding elements

For this hairstyle á la Olivia Palermo, the hair should first be tied to a tight braid in the neck. This braid can now be braided and rolled into a bun. Who wants it even more refined: individual strands of hair can be braided down from the hairline and then incorporated into the bun. We love this unusual yet simple look!

2. Elegant

An elegant bun is at least as fast as the Messy variant. For this, the hair should be divided into a middle parting. It may like a few face-trimming strands remain free. The remaining hair is tied tightly in the neck.

3. Turned

Instead of braiding the hair, individual strands can also be screwed in and then integrated back into the neck-deep bun. In the hairstyle of Lily Collins, the strands cross at the back of the head and give the look an extraordinary touch. We immediately fell in love with this variant.

4. Taut

With this type of bun the face comes into its own: tied tightly behind and fastened at medium height. Add some big earrings and the look is perfect.

5. Sideways

Pull one side parting for this rather festive bun and bring your hair to the other side. With the other strands, the bun is now nicely draped on the side (can also be plaited before) and pinned at ear level.

6. With pony

For this variant, the bun should be nice and fluffy. He is tied up further and the front strands remain free. Make a side parting here too and place the front hair part open to the side and behind the ear.

7. Two Dutts

For a spring version, we make a bun out of two! These are loosely tied in the neck next to each other and give the look a feminine touch. You can leave a strand here and wrap it around the bun to cover the hair elastic elegantly (as in the picture).

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