If you want something different than a ponytail, great ideas, detailed instructions and hairstyling tips for long hair can be found here.

If you grow your own hair over several years and care for it regularly, you will be rewarded with a long hair. When the time comes, you can focus on special hairstyles.Wedding-Hairstyles-_-wedding-hairstyles-for-long-hair-6328x500  Whether impressive for weddings, as an eye-catcher for the next party or as a practical updo for the office: At bestlonghairstyles.net will find interesting tips on different that fit your style and make an impression.

If you are in the mood for an updo for long hair, try a coquette banana à la Audrey Hepburn. This succeeds with a little practice quickly and reliably. Divide first a strand of the front hair part. Then lay all the hair on one side. Now attach several hairpins to the back of the head so that the hair stays on the desired side. This is best done with the upper brackets facing down and the lower brackets facing up. Make a loose ponytail now. Now turn it around yourself until it curls up. Hold the ponytail as high as possible over the back of your head. When the desired banana has formed, hammer in the top of the braid and attach some hair clips to the back of the head,

shutterstock-713928289-1-e1551984652804  Also dapper acts a bun. If this is too classic or boring for you, just try more modern variants. Do you already know the braided bun? For this, you braid a French braid headfirst on the lower back of the head and then let it go into a loose bun. A fast ponytail for sport, a plaited hair ring for a romantic date or in big curls for the ball night – with long hair you can conjure up the right hairstyle for every occasion.

If you want more inspiring ideas on how to style hairstyles long and creative, just browse bestlonghairstyles.net for more great .long-hair500x328


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