New hair color trend 2019: So beautiful is “Scandi Blonde”

Cool platinum blonde has served up (for the time being). In 2019, trendsetters put on radiantly beautiful “Scandi Blonde”

The Scandinavians are known for their modern, unfussy fashion style. And also in terms of , they turn out to be true trendsetters. While in the past few months icy blondes with silver and white accents were in high demand (we remember trendy platinum blond and “toasted coconut’’ ), the trend is now heading in the opposite direction.

For example, hair color expert Harriet Mulddon from London notes that her customers are currently looking for creamy, buttery blonde shades. “Scandi Blonde” refers to her as a “balanced combination of warm and cool blonde tones”, which should not be too icy.

This is How The Trend Color Succeds

The entire head is dyed with a soft foundation and the top coat is provided with lighter shades in places. The strands do not start at the neck, but are freehand brushed into the hair. This makes the result very natural. Thanks to the dynamic color combination, it is not immediately noticeable when the blond nuances outgrow and you have less to worry about re-coloring.

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