Ouch! These hairstyles are harmful to your hair!

Not only the wrong hair care can be the trigger for broken or brittle hair, but also the way you wear your hair.
You use a hair cure at least once a week ? Daily hair care is the alpha and omega for you? And yet you are angry about split ends and broken hairs? Then you probably did not know that certain hairstyles could damage your mane . Which of these are exactly, you will find out here.

1. Ponytail
Especially when you have to go fast in the morning, the ponytail is popular. Sadly, it can also be harmful to our hair. But no worry. You may continue to wear the hairstyle anyway, but you should consider one thing: If you always wear the braid in the same place , the hair can easily break off there. So I like to vary between high, low or side ponytails.


Do you smooth your hair every day? Then you should get rid of this as soon as possible. Everyday Hair Smoothing does not even tolerate the healthiest, most robust hair! Your hair looks like a mop the next day without straightening? Then bind the upper half to a Halfbun or think about other, simple hairstyles.


Probably you do not wear the 80’s look anyway, but if they do, you should know one thing: backcombing roughen the hair structure and makes the hair permanently broken. So get used to it quickly.

kabarcik  4. Severe bun

A does not just cause headaches. Incidentally, he is also bad for your hair. Hair loss could be the result . While your hair is styled backwards, the hair roots are loosened. Thin hair can be easier.

You dream of a mane à la Ariana Grande? You either get it with a lot of patience or a hair extension. The latter can damage your hair but pretty doll. Sticking will break your hair and make your mane thinner and thinner every day.


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