Simple braiding for everyday life

With these beautiful braiding hairstyles, your hair will be an eye-catcher!

Braided hair, whether on the side, as a braid or a wreath always makes something and gives us a dreamy and feminine look. But beautiful braided hairstyles do not always have to be difficult and complicated. We’ve come up with 10 cool and easy-to-use hair styles for you:

1. Single, braided beaches
A few braided beaches give you a summery boho look. Simply use a different number of hairs so that the braided strands look thicker and sometimes thinner.braidedhair1-e1552239764593

2. Braided sideways and back together
This gorgeous braiding is easy and yet looks sophisticated. Just weave a strand on each side and braid it into a big one at the back.18-pretty-braided-hairstyles-for-any-outfit

3. Herringbone braid at the back of the head
A fancy hairstyle is the herringbone braid on the back of the head. Simply tie a few streaks at the back of the head and then braid the fishbone braid downwards.herringbone-braid-hairstyle-hairstyles-weekly

4. Braided side braid
The simplest among the braided hairstyles is probably the loose side braid. To do this, take your hair on one side and braid the

5. The “rope” pigtail
Super simple and unusual looks the “Rope” braid in our hair. Tie a tight braid and divide the hair into two strands. Now screw them in and put them on top of each other until the braid is over.27-ponytail-hairstyles-for-2018-best-ponytail-styles-glamour

6. The French braid
If you can do the French plait , he walks relatively fast and always looks really great.90-beautiful-braid-hairstyles-that-will-spice-up-your-looks

7. Two French braids
Two work on the same principle as a French braid. To do this, make a center parting and braiding both sides from top to bottomthe-braid-brigade-hollywoods-hottest-hairstyle-celebrity

8. Braided beach
This braiding spice up any normal ponytail. Simply braid a thick strand from the forehead backwards and transfer it into a normal braid.14-braided-pigtail-hairstyles-hairstyles-ideas

9. The side herringbone braid
To achieve a great effect with your hair quickly, the side herringbone braid is best. Just take the hair on its side and weave it down in herringbone

10. The braided XL braid
This braiding hairstyle is a great idea to make hair look thicker and fuller. To do this, tie the hair tightly back and braid. Now the individual strands are carefully plucked larger. This gives the braid a XL upgrade and looks voluminous and refined.12-pigtail-hairstyles-you-can-rock-at-any-age-brit-co

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a-new-way-to-wear-a-crown-braid-2-hairstyle-tutorials-in-1-hair  37-cute-french-braid-hairstyles-for-2019  best-braid-hairstyles-for-thin-hair


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