These Are The Spring Hair Colors 2019

These are the spring
You want a new look? Then perhaps one of these new hair colors is for you

New year, new look! If you are looking for change, you should look at these great .

Essential pastel
Intense pastel shades like pink, baby blue or mint green were yesterday. Now it is much more discreet with just a light pastel touch. “A powdery white with a gentle blush of blue or pink is making a comeback, and the color should not be too dominant, it should only come through lightly,” explains Colorist from New York, Stephanie Brown.20-trend-hair-colors-for-2019-hair-colour-style

The warm red color has a decisive advantage: it flatters every skin color and every haircut. On pale skin, the hair color looks very noble and especially slightly cool on slightly tanned skin. Here it is important to cut the tips regularly to avoid split ends. That makes the look quickly messy.were-calling-it-muted-copper-is-going-to-be-the-it-hair-color-for  copper-hair-color-hair-trends-2018-and-care-tips-youtube


Baby Blonde
The trend is back to natural hair colors, which is why Plantinblond is out. Instead, warmer nuances are back in. The look looks fresh and is particularly suitable for short haircuts. The hair color is noticeable by its very slight yellowish tinge.blonde-hairstyles-2017-short-medium-long-blonde-hairstyles

Mocha brown
The dark brown looks very noble and slight highlights in the tips give the look the extra freshness kick. For darker skin tones, the color fits particularly well, to brighter skin it looks a bit too rough. Since the highlights should be more

hair-color-trends-2019-the-15-best-dye-job-ideas-and-hair-colors   warm-blonde-hair-shades-perfect-for-brightening-your-locks-this-spring


pastel-pink-haircolor-redken  fantasy-haircolor-inspiration-vivid-haircolor-ideas-redken


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