Trendy hair color 2019: Do you already know Dirty Blonde?

Bright, eye-catching hair colors such as platinum blond and strawberry blond have a break for the time being. In winter and spring we wear Dirty Blonde

After blond could not be bright enough in the past months (we remember platinum blonde and “Toasted Coconut”), now muted blondes are making a comeback again. Particularly popular is Dirty Blonde, an ashen blonde , which is permeated by bright highlights and some brown nuances.unnamed-file-35

This is how the color best comes into its own

The result can look a bit dull and dull. So that Dirty Blonde but does not look like a gray mouse, it is recommended to avoid the Undone look, and instead to style the hair smooth and provide a nice shine.unnamed-file-34

Shine Boost

For this to succeed, you can best use a wide brush with natural bristles when styling. A shine spray provides additional shine in the lengths. If you like, you can also use a straightener and pamper your mane with a few drops of hair oil – this optimally nourishes dyed hair and gives it a beautiful glow.


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