We will regret these haircuts in 10 years

When we choose a haircut, we often think that we might regret it. Unfortunately this is the case with the following hairstyles

The current year has many new and exciting hairstyles ready for us. In addition to frenzied ponies smooth and short bobs conquer our hearts. But some hairstyles make our future self shudder. Especially with unusual and uncommon hairstyles and hair colors, we hear in ten years already say “Oh dear, what has ridden me because?” We have summarized the top 6 hairstyles, which we will probably regret later:

1. The strict Bob
This haircut does nothing for the hair and not for the face. The blunt tips do not bring a nice shape into the cut and the longer bangs on one side of the face are not very flattering and visually lengthen the face. Here it is worth giving the hair with a few styling products waves and texture and make it a choppy cut.

2. Baby Bangs
Baby bangs are on everyone’s lips and stars like Emma Watson carry him. The extremely short pony is still very special and does not appeal to everyone. Anyone who dares to dare to reach for a pair of scissors could regret it on old photos within ten years at the latest.

3. The Shag
The iconic 70s hairstyle with big curls and small highlights was already the hit. Now she is back in fashion, but beware, because the old-fashioned hairstyle lands quickly on our list of actions to be repented.

4th platinum blond
One of the hair colors that our hair will not forgive us is platinum blonde. This blond blonde dries hair and makes it look straw and dull. Even with good care, our hair structure will not forgive us for that. And we ourselves not in ten years! So let’s get your hands on it.

5. Strong levels
Strong levels were everywhere a few years ago and really trendy. But who decides now for this haircut, regrets it later perhaps. The steps take a long time to fully grow out again and the strong differences in length make us look old quickly.

6. Side-cut
A side cut may seem cool to many at first, but it will take quite a long time for it to outgrow it. And this transitional phase is difficult to style. The punk side cut is therefore one of our top six hairstyles, which we will regret later.


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